Agricultural science

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Biocontrol is a part of an integrated pest management (IPM) strategy. Biocontrol is defined as the "use of natural or modified organisms, genes, or gene products and plant extracts to ledue fond effects of plant pests. Currently, due to a rapid growth of human population and the need of tou production to feed the grown population, synthetic chemical pesticides are broadly used to eliminate pests. This has led to triggering many of major problems on our planet such as human heaith problem, environmental pollution and climate change. The mitigation of these risks is major issue of our generation through finding the best alternatives for synthetic chemical pesticides. Biocontrol can have a major role in mitigating these risks through maximizing the effects of beneficial organisms either through biotechnology or bio-pesticideto control plant pests .

Prof. Dr. Nawroz Abdul-Razzak

Hemn Abubakr Neima

Dzhwar Zahir Latif

Asst.Prof . Dr. Hayman Kakakhan Awla

Asst.Prof .Dr .Tavga Sleman Rashid