Administrative staff

Director of Research center

Bsc. Geology

Msc. Environmental technology

Ph.D. west water management

Abbas Mohammed Gharib

Mechanic Diploma

Bsc. Accounting

Yaseen Abd-alrahman Ahmed




Hanaa Mustafa Fatah

Surveying Diploma

Bsc. Accounting

Rebwar Ahmed Mustafa

Bsc. plant protection

Higher Diploma. plant protection/environmental insect

Msc. Biological control of Insects by using the Entomological fungi

Hiwa Qader Ahmed

Bsc. Business Management

Sara Yousif Mawlood

Bsc. Computer and Statistic

Shaee Osman HamaRadha

Database design Diploma

Bsc. Database technology

Sivan Kamil Muhealddin

Bsc. Database technology

Harith Raad

Tara Yousif Mawlood

Bsc.Computer and Statistic

higher diploma Advance computer science

Msc. Advance computer science

Awder Raza Aziz

Bsc.English language

MA .Applied Linguistics and Tesol

Twana Nasih Ahmed

Bsc. Statistic and Computer

Msc. Computer science

Dyar Saleh Ahmed

Diploma of Chamchamal Teacher Institute

Bsc.Political Science

Safin Salah Rashid

Bsc. Arabic Language

Saiwan Jalil