Dr. Rozhen Kamal Mohammed-Amin, Was Invited and Accepted To Become a Member of the International Development Peer Review College in UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)

The Research Center (RC) coordinator, Dr. Rozhen Kamal Mohammed-Amin, was invited and accepted to become a member of the International Development Peer Review College in UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). As a member, she will review a number of research projects applied for Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) for up to three years.It is worth mentioning that the RC coordinator is the only international reviewer from Kurdistan Region and the rest of Iraq, making SPU the only university from Iraq to have a reviewer in UKRI as appears in their website https://bit.ly/2GRECGJ.In the invitation email and later membership application form, Dr. Rozhen’s involvements in GCRF projects and understanding of the UK research landscape from her join project application with a number of UK Universities and then her experience as a reviewer for a number of international conferences and journals were stated and indicated as reasons for her selection as an international reviewer. In addition to this, the RC coordinator is reviewing and will review a papers for related journals of a Greek institution and the renowned IEEE ISMAR international conference.In an interview with the SPU website, Dr. Rozhen said: “I am very pleased with this achievement and high level academic role that demonstrates the impact of the RC and SPU on an international academic level. Despite the time commitment and efforts, I will need to dedicate to this responsibility in addition to my workloads from academic and administrative responsibilities at SPU, this is a great and rewarding experience for the new knowledge and unique experience I gain from the experience, which then become an energy and investment for enriching the RC and SPU’s local and international research projects in the future”.

As part of her membership commitment she already participated in two webinar trainings from UKRI on managing subconscious bias and guidance for reviewing for the Interdisciplinary Research Hubs GCRF’s and priorities and criteria for assessing the submitted research projects. In a near future, Dr. Rozhen will share the non-confidential parts of her experiences with international reviewing and newly acquired knowledge with SPU and non-SPU researchers, academics, and young graduates through one of RC’s workshop series.

UKRI has a combined budget of £6 billion for research. It brings together the seven UK Research Councils and others. For more information on UKRI, please visit www.ukri.org /.

Post date: May 10, 2019 2:21:53 AM