Environmental Studies Group Of Research Center At SPU Has Won A Fund Out Of 62 Applications.

Post date: May 09, 2019 12:13:22 PM

The environmental studies group at the research center of Sulaimani Polytechnic University (RC- SPU) has won a collaborative work with the geo-chemistry team in the department of environmental science at University of Not

tingham from research board international collaboration fund on August 2017. Even though the application was very competitive, the Environmental Studies Group could prepare a highly persuasive proposal titled “Evaluating the Factors Controlling Iodine and Selenium Transfer to the Human diet in Iraqi Kurdistan ” to participate in achieving this competitive fund and researchers were able to eventually win the fund. The aim of this collaboration is to provide an estimate of the daily dietary intake of Selenium and Iodine by the Sulaimani residents in Iraqi Kurdistan and actual Iodine status based on urinary Iodine measurements. Researchers in the Environmental Studies Group demonstrate that “The results can then be used to advise whether further investigation of the Iodine and Selenium status of the population is warranted and if deficiency is observed, whether mitigation measures should be considered, for example, selected crop bio fortification or the use of Iodized salt ”. Furthermore, “Working on this project is still ongoing and it is estimated to be completed by August 2018 ”. Group Researchers explained.